Monday, December 15, 2008

Site Build It Review

Site Build It Is It Really For You?
A Review for Your Information

Site Build It or SBI Review- as it is also known is a way to make a significant income online. This is true.

Lets look at SBI. At first glance you have a significant upfront expense $299.00 . You are probably use to seeing ebooks on how to make money using the internet for $40.00. I have purchased a number of these myself, and I do use them. But as you can see by purchaseing 8 ebooks I have already surpassed the cost of Site Build It.

This program gives you hosting, templates and step by step lessons to set up your own website. The hard codeing part is done for you. This is primarily where the learning curve has been for me. Learning the code behind websites. It is not as bad as you may think but it is time consuming. Site Build It does remove this part of the learning curve.

You can construct a very nice site using SBI and it will work well for you. Their principles are sound. The catch is that you will have to work at this. There are no Get Rich Quick Schemes that work. You are building a business with Site Build It and it should be treated as such to expect any kind of success. You should be willing to put in at least 2 to 4 hours a day to make it work. It can be done from the comfort of your home sipping a hot beverage of your choice but it will take time.

Results may take months to come in. They will come in if you use Site Build It and their techniques.

Can you achieve the same results without Site Build It. Yes you can! You can save the money and work with some other options many which are free. It is true you can save the $299.00 and do everything on the cheap. The bottom line is that success will be longer down the road. Today with internet marketing there is so much to learn and so many ways of making money online. Many are valid and extremely low cost. You can look through this blog for examples, but you will have to invest significant time to make them work.

Site Build It does provide a tried and true method of creating a business online. It will take time but they give you all the tools you need to use their system. It will work but patience and persitence is still needed. Do not expect to get rich over night, It won't happen. Could you 6 months down the road, have a significant income from this source yes definetly.

I would take the time to watch some videos about SBI just click on the link and you will learn more SBI Videos

If you think a SBI website would work for you then click on the banner below that will save you some money.

SiteSell Buy-1 Get-1-Free Holiday Special

This is one way of starting your online business.
It does work, but only if you are willing to as well.
Of the complete website packages out there this is one of the best, but you still have to work at it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Online Income and Indexing of Your Site

Indexing of Your Website is Critical for Online Income

A few months ago I started two blogger blogs. Women's North Face Clothing and Welding Supplies. The purpose of these two sites is to provide good infomation on each of the topics and have a series of affiliate links to allow potential customers to buy.

I placed reasonable content on both but started promoting North Face Clothing more than the Welding Supplies. I linked to the welding supplies from one of my main sites and a few articles. The Welding site has still not been indexed. The Women's North Face site was indexed in two days????

In the begining I used craigslist and backpages to advertise North Face but not the Welding site. I also linked from this blog to The North Face site. I can only assume that the link from this blog was picked up by Google and indexed the site.

The other possibility is that no follow links do get followed for indexing purposes but not for link juice purposes. Wouldn't that throw wrench in some things.

So where does this leave online income and indexing. If you are trying to index a page you must have some prominent links to that page. It could be a link on the main page of one of your websites. I have heard, and I have nothing to back this up, that the links on your Home page carry more weight for indexing than the ones deeper in your website.

So links in several sub folders may take months to get spidered as they become low priority. This leads to another question or problem. If you have good links deep in your website and you have a good number of backlinks pointing to that deep page those links will get spidered and indexed more readily.

In short the more links in the more likely a page will get completely indexed.

Once your page is indexed you can start to depend on search traffic not just traffic coming from your links. Another thought and consider it paranoia on my part. Lets suppose you set up a page to sell a product. Then you start an adwords campaign. Google is all connected. Wouldn't you use the link provided in the adwords campaign as a spider entrance? I would. Especially if I was in the business of collecting as much information possible. Spyder food for though.

David Robertson

Monday, December 8, 2008

Online Income Using Squidoo

Online Income and Squidoo, The Basics

For a while now I have heard of Squidoo and some people have used it to make a decent income online. I really don't like jumping on the next band wagon that comes along. I mistakenly thought it was something like Facebook. Until recently I completely avoided even checking it out. I considered it another thing to waste my time on.

Well I was reading something ( I can't even remember what now) and Squidoo was mentioned again. I had some time on my hands and I thought lets take a look. If you are familiar with Squidoo you may want to skip this post all together, but it is new for me.

Squidoo is actually much like Blogger in that it is Free and it is easy to use. Squidoo is more versatile than Blogger with more modules that you can add. Also Squidoo is already set up for you to make money. Seth was briliant in setting this up.

He created a site that instantly monetizes your page . He collects half of the money that you make from his installations (Adsense etc.) and pays you half. You don't have to set up any accounts except PayPal. Traffic comes and you get paid. Now obviously like any website what you get paid is dependant on your traffic and your searches and your number of pages.

You do have the benefit of all the pages are interconnected on Squidoo by the search function, and you can favorite a Lens (the name of your individual page) to increase the interconnection. You can also link from your Squidoo lens to your main webpage, or even straight to an affiliate product. Ahh the lights start to go on! This is a bonified way of having a web presence with NO Cost. You are incouraged to write about what ever intersts you.

The more the pages the better. The first one I built (only took a few minutes) is Artistic Blacksmithing Tips. This is a first attempt essentially to learn the process (Easy). It really did only take a couple of minutes once I figured out what had to go where. Blacksmithing may not be your thing but just click the link to see the page. It is bare bones as of writing this, but as I said it was fast to set up. I will be adding to this page and creating others in the near future.

If you are struggling with code and setting up a website and costs are mounting up check out and see what it can offer you. in some ways this is better than Blogger and it is not Blogger which means you can link back to your blogger sites. More lights should be going on!!!

I will be adding more lenses as I get time. Yes on Blacksmithing but also on Online Income. I will keep you posted about these.

As you know I tour around a lot of make money online sites. I am still in a learning phase (probably for the rest of my life). There are a bazillion of us on the web now. Most are new to the process or have a little more than their feet wet. I found Jerry Lindenburger's site Cash Blog . It is interesting and he has some good links to other sites. If you get a chance check it out and read some of the older posts.

I think we are begining to realize that for 4th or 5th teir marketors as myself that the money is not in the Make Money Online niche. For us the money is in specific niche products such as brand Zebra Fish Food. Very specific and targeted.

When you think about it this actually makes it easier for us. We now only have to create a page (think Squidoo here) to sell oranges to people who want to buy oranges. We shouldn't even be trying to convince the apple buyers to buy oranges. Make another page for apple buyers.

The old saying rinse and repeat.

My musings for today.

David Robertson
Online Income Streams

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Online Income and Recessions and Layoffs

Online Income and What does the Recession Mean?

By now we have all heard that there is a world wide recession and that it will affect us in some way. Many people have already been laid off and many more face plant closures in the next few months. As Internet marketers what is this going to mean?

Well there is going to be an influx of well educated hard working people looking at online business as a means to make a living. They will be looking for marketing information as well as the tools to start their online business. They will also see that the Make Money Online field has huge resources and a huge demand.

This means many of them will jump on the internet marketing band wagon as we have. Obviously I am guilty too. Selling tools to the gold miners is an apt description. Then once many find that this niche is over saturated they will branch out into more tightly defined niches.

If you are new to Internet Marketing I strongly recommend not getting into the Make Money Online niche. There is too much competition. Look instead at the specialty that you left and see if you can develop that as a sales niche there. Once you develop one niche develop another that ties into your original one.

With marketing on the internet more income streams the better. Some will produce alot others only a trickle. Together they can make a reasonable income online.

People will still be looking for information, but a lot of it will be slanted to how to do things themselves and how to save money. When you have time on your hands but not a lot of money your are willing to spend the time to achieve your goals but save your money.

If you create information products in your niche and target saving money with the information that your provide you will be one step above your competition.

If you are starting out, information will be a key component in learning how to get paid from the internet.

First check free sources of information. Read this blog and others that offer free information. There is lots of free information on my other site Dig around and read the articles etc.

If you want a package that really does help give you a leg up in the online marketing world buy Honest Riches by Holly Mann for the $37.00. It explains many techniques and does save you an amazing amount of time. But digest all the techniques in the ebook before you buy another product. Try some of them. Your first attempts don't have to be perfect but it will get you rolling.

There is really no fast money with this business. If you start realize that your first couple of years are going to be grinding away at the computer. The good news is that once you have your system up and running it will make you money mostly by itself. Automation is wonderful.

Be careful of information overload in the begining. It can be paralyzing. Remember small steps create a full journey.

David Robertson
Online Income Streams

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blogging To the Bank 3.0 Review

Blogging to the Bank 3.0 Review

A few years back Rob Benwell released Blogging to the Bank 2.0. Now he has updated his information in Blogging To The Bank 3.0 Many people used his tactics to set up profitable blogs.

A blog is the fastest and cheapest way to set up a web presence. You can set up a no cost blog on blogger such as this one in minutes. It can be an affiliate site, or a content site with adsense attached etc. Blogs are easy to get indexed in the search engines. All in all a good revenue generator with only a little effort.

Rob's new book which only costs $37.00 (and has 4 excellent bonuses) is literally a blueprint to the blogging business. He has updated many things specific to 2008 and 2009. We all know that the internet landscape is constantly changing and new information is what drives us ever forward.

I did not buy Blogging To the Bank 2.0 becuase at the time I was not focused on blogging. Now I have had time to try many things and bought Blogging To The Bank 3.0 since I have become convinced that blogging is the most cost effective way to make money on line.

I have been pleasantly surprized at the quality of information contained in the ebook. I know I will be implementing many changes to this blog and my other ones as well.

So my recommendation is click on Blogging To The Bank 3.0 and learn how to use blogs to boost your online income.

To Your Online Profits

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Get More Buyers on Your List

Do You Want to Get More Buyers On Your List?

We keep hearing the money is in the List. And it is true that if you can contact people regularily with offers and information you will develop a relationship with them. This relationship is what converts prospects into buyers.

I have been building my various lists for just over a year now. This has been a great success. But Today I find a Course on List Building by Micheal Rasmussen that details the process and provides much more information than I was going on.

I have been just building a generic list related by topic. These people were both buyers and interested prospects. Both people would get the same emails and the same broadcasts of new products and interesting information.

Michael suggests that we should sub divide our lists so that buyers go onto a separate list. This list tends to be much more responsive to buying than our generic list. You can also create a stronger bond with this list of buyers by offering them the occaisional free report that the regular list doesn't get or has to pay a small sum for. This creates a better relationship.

Michael is offering the course for $77.00 for a limited time (Nov 4) so check it out now while the price is low. Just Click on Course on List Building to get more information about it.

On a different note I stumbled across a site in the make money online niche that has some very good information. You have to poke around a bit and read some of the older posts but there are solid tips there. Just click on Easy Ways To Make Money to be taken to the site.

I know I will be searching around this site for a while. This is all a learning process and the more information you have the better. Check out his post about Craig's list.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Testing SEO On North Face Clothing

SEO onWomen's North Face Clothing Blog

I have been doing a lot of reading lately about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In short SEO is constructing your web page so that it is extremely search engine friendly. The whole idea is to make it easy for the search engines to find you and rank you near the top of the search listings. This is the best way to get clicks to your site as it is free.

So I have started running a little experiment with Women's North Face Clothing on a free blogger blog. I add articles and ideas about different North Face products ( North Face is an outdoor wear and equipment manufacture).

The testing on the blog relates to where people come from and where they go. In theory the better optimized the blog is the more people will come to it.

SEO is a slow process and is done in steps. The first step is to have have title tags and url and key words in the posts as close as possible. Then you need to be indexed by Google. This may take some time.

I was fortunate to be indexed about the day after I put the site up. I have heard that for some people it takes months to get into the index.

I will let you know how things progress.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Affiliate Script and Auction Acrobat

I have just two remarkable tools that will help you in your internet marketing business.

The first is the affiliate script. If you have products that you sell such as DVD's and Cds or other hard products that can't easily be processed through Clickbank and you want to be able to sell through affiliates This script is exactly what you need.

Many people online have paypal accounts and this script generates unique code to place on their website. When they make a sale they are automatically given a comission through paypal.

This easy to use code allows us to effectively harness the power of our own affiliates. Traffic is always an issue. If we have a 100 people as affiliates driving traffic to us this is a huge boost in our traffic.

Just click on the Affiliate Script to get your copy and you can start your affiliate empire today. Well seriously if you have a bunch of people selling for you you can't help but make more money!

The second product will have you turning cartwheels. In a previous post I mentioned that ebay has caused problems for ebook marketers by only allowing people to sell them through classified ads. This is ok and you can still sell a cd version as a work around but you lose the convenience of instant delivery and the hand off processing.

Well a couple of fellows have created the perfect answer Auction Acrobat. This program sets up ebay for sales of cds or dvds, but it is completly automated. So you set up your sales page, people buy the product you are selling, the order gets transfered to Kunaki that makes your cd and labels it and ships it out for you!!!!! Once again it is hands off.

You can sell multiple products, anything that can be put on cd or dvd can be processed without you handling the item. As you can tell I am really excited about this. ( I must confess I am a little challenged at gettig the label to stick straight on the cd. I usually make a mess of it.)

This is an incredible brake through for ebay marketing. Take a minute and get more information by clicking on Auction Acrobat. This opens so many possibilities my head is just swimming.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Experimental Report on Effectiveness of Sales Blog Stratgey

This is a fancy title for what I am really doing.

I am writing a step by step report about what I am doing to set up 2 money making blogs. These blogs are not in the internet marketing field. If you haven't figured out yet, you have much less competition in non-internet marketing niches.

This report is going to be the nuts and bolts of how I set these blogs up and how I monitor them. Essentially it will be a blue print to setting up a simple income stream. Now these blogs are not set for high initial traffic but more of a sustained long term small income stream.

The old idea many streams make a significant income.

This report will be free to people who have signed up to my newsletter. I expect this report to be done in hopefully a month's time. If you sign up I will let you know when it is ready.

To sign up for this report just Click on Free Marketing Tool Kit. I will be mainly using the tools in the Free Marketing Tool Kit so you will be able to follow along easily.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Interview with Lorina Stephens Author of Shadow Song

Interview with Lorina Stephens, author of Shadow Song

Last week our four-week virtual book tour opened at Paul Lima’s site. Paul is a successful freelancer and author of many books about the business of writing. Many thanks to Paul for launching the tour.

This week we’re at the virtual home of David Robertson, who not only has a presence here at e-webincome, but at his artisan blacksmithing site, which is very much worth a visit.

Q: Last week we touched on some of the historical background of your novel, Shadow Song. I wonder if you might elaborate?

A: Shadow Song is set in the early 1830s. It was still very much a time of change, partly a social realignment from the Napoleonic War and partly a political realignment. France had gone through a devastating revolution in the late 18th century that in turn set the stage for Napoleon and his visions of empire at the turn of the 19th century. Five years after Napoleon’s defeat in 1815, Charles X took power and naively, or perhaps arrogantly, thought it would be perfectly fine to maintain the old order and status quo of the 18th century. The French, however, thought differently and in July of 1830 Charles was overthrown.

For many loyalist aristocratic French émigrés the result of that revolution meant loss of all their lands and estates, businesses, holdings. The pensions they’d been guaranteed under Charles evaporated overnight. The result of that meant ruination for many, a bitter irony in that these privileged exiles now found themselves facing the same destitution as the people upon whom they’d fed.

The mother of my protagonist is one such émigré, married to an Englishman who also is titled and without means in that he is the second son of landed gentry, and therefore will not inherit and must rely upon wit and determination for his livelihood rather than inheritance.

Q: Early in the novel you have Danielle, the protagonist of the story, put out to work in an orphanage, yet at the time she’s only nine or 10 years old. How common was child-labour?

A: Child-labour was extremely common. Children, whether privileged or penniless, were not immersed, as a rule, in a life of play and protection as they are today. They were treated as small adults and expected to act accordingly, and if that meant hauling a hundred pounds of coal out of a lightless mine dressed only in breeches, or living and sleeping in a guild-shop along with your parents, that’s what you did.

It’s in a guild-shop Danielle begins her working life, employed as a monkey for the embroiderers. An embroidery monkey was a child whose job it was to sit under the large embroidery frames, fixing any snags, rethreading needles, sometimes poking a needle back up through the embroidery when the design involved some of the denser gold or raised work. Employment such as this, despite being on the floor all day from sunrise to sunset, might very well lead to apprenticeship later on and a well-paying, respectable profession, particularly for a girl.
Later Danielle is employed in a laundry, which wasn’t a plum of a job, in that often children were required to immerse themselves in scalding water, in harsh lye soap solutions, so that their skin would blister and peel, made raw by soap and constant moisture.

As to the age Danielle is when she’s put out to work, she’s in fact an average age. Many children of only five or six, because of their size, were employed to labour in narrow spaces an adult couldn’t fit. Chimney-sweep is one of the better-known jobs, but there were many others, far more hazardous. And you have to consider that an apprenticeship started very early in most cases.

For instance, if you were a boy one of the better trades you might take up is a cooper. Coopers were very much in demand, so much so that during the Napoleonic War the apprenticeship for a cooper in England was reduced from seven to five years. Boys as young as seven were sent out to apprentice, starting by cleaning shop, fetching tools, and gradually learning each aspect of the trade, as well as building physical strength and endurance so they could, by mid-adolescence, wrestle a tight barrel together and receive their journeyman papers. It was demanding labour, in that a full-fledged cooper was required to turn out one full barrel a day, or two half, or four quarters.

My husband Gary, who is a part-time historical cooper, and a man of considerable strength and endurance, can only produce a quarter barrel in about five to seven days. Imagine being sixteen and producing a full barrel, from rough stave to tight, finished product in just one day.

Q: There are a lot of small, historical details you cite in Shadow Song that add to the ambiance and flavour: names of ships, ferries, and coaches, costs of transportation and the like. Are these taken from actual historical accounts, or are they reasonable assumptions?

A: The Baltic, which Danielle takes from England to Quebec, is real, as is her commander, Earbage. Conditions aboard ship, the outbreak of cholera at Quebec and the opening of Grosse Isle as an immigration point are all lifted from historical documents, although I have played with the actual timing to suit my purposes. Fares, ferries and stages are based upon real costs, ships and companies, as are the details of Midewewin and Ojibwa society based upon historical records and books of the era.

Captain Anderson, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Reverend Adam Elliot and the teacher Mr. Orr were all present on Manitoulin Island around the time of the novel.
Trading posts mentioned throughout the novel are all based upon historical accounts of Hudson Bay posts.

Q: What about the tragedy that becomes the catalyst for Danielle escaping into the wilds with the Ojibwa shaman, Shadow Song – fact or fiction?

A: A little of both. In 1832 relatives of Horning, the founder of Hornings Mills, had come to assist with the raising of buildings, and, perhaps preoccupied with this, and a cow that was to calf, Lewis Horning turned away two natives who had come to the mill to trade venison for flour.
Shortly after it became apparent the cow had wandered, he suspected into Melancthon Swamp. A conversation between Horning and his hired man was overheard by Jane, Susan and Oliver Vanmear, ages sixteen, fourteen and nine, as well as Lewis Horning Jr., also aged nine. It seemed the entrepreneur offered his man a dollar if he would search for the missing cow.

The children, seized with the idea of earning the dollar, set off to the west. They disappeared. The other Horning brothers – Peter and Robert – searched while the adults were still involved in building. They found a native trail that led directly into the heart of Melancthon Swamp, apparently where the four children had gone.

The alarm went out. For days the village people scoured the countryside. Nothing of the children or the cow was ever found. The Ojibwa, of course, were blamed.

Six years later, disheartened, Lewis Horning packed up what remained of his family and returned to Ancaster. The other families soon followed, and the village of Hornings Mills quietly slipped back into the Queen's Bush. There were to be other adventurers, men bent on stripping the land and shaping it for their own good, so that the village was not to disappear altogether. But, always, that day hung in the background.

Only Oliver Vanmear was to ever surface, found in the Marigold Tavern in Oakville many years later, still simple-minded and erratic. His story was that all four children had been taken captive by the Ojibwa, the girls married off, Lewis Horning Jr. rumoured to be a strong hunter. Was his story true? To this day no one knows. Perhaps he told people what they wanted to hear. Perhaps he told the truth.

For me this tragedy became the hook on which I hung my story.
Next week Lorina Stephens’ virtual tour makes a stop at Ferret Fabricates, where the theme of the interview will be the Peaks and Pitfalls of Self-Publishing.

Shadow Song can be obtained from Chapters at the top link or you can Click on Shadow Song to buy from Amazon. It is visually rich historic fiction.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Update On Honest Riches by Holly Mann

Holly Mann is Releasing 2008 Version of Honest Riches

This is just a very quick heads up! I have been using and refering to Holly Mann's 2007 Honest Riches Guide for over a year now. It has really helped me get my internet marketing busines off the ground.

I have been very impressed with the content and the quality of the writing. I have found it extremely helpful. It currently costs $37.00 and is 95 pages long.

Holly provides free updates to the ebook to previous purchasers. So now the important part of the post. Holly is releasing her 2008 version and there is going to be a price increase. She has also increased the content to 277 pages! This is almost 3 times the original book.

It really is super simple. Get Holly's ebook now for $37.00 then get the updated version free when she releases it around the middle of August, and save. Click on Honest Riches and you will be taken to Holly's information. You will only regret this if you have to pay twice as much for her new ebook.

David Robertson

PS The original 2007 ebook has been the best ebook purchase I have made in getting value for my money!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Free Internet Marketing Tool Kit For You

Internet Marketing Tool Kit For Your Online Success!

If you are just starting out in internet marketing you probably have been hit with many offers to buy this and buy that. Remember Internet Marketing is a huge sales niche in itself. Many of these offers are worth the price. And you will have to buy some things as an internet marketer.

When I was was starting out I just wanted a series of programs that would do most of what I needed online. They had to be free as I didn't want to invest any money (or as little as possible) until I saw some returns.

I have just set up a free Tool Kit that has the programs I still use today. These are html editor, graphics editor, link cloaker, spread sheet, database, 3d box creater, cd cover generator, pdf creater, word processor, and many more.

These programs have saved me hundreds of dollars and you can save with them too. Just Click On Marketing Tool Kit and you will be taken to the Free programs. Please note there is No Cost Involved with These Programs.

I hope these help you in your online success as they have helped me.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cheap Web Hosting, 100 Gb Space, $9.99 a year!

Cheap website hosting with 100 Gb of space!

I am always looking for ways of saving money. I have found a new hosting company called Mango Hosting that is offering an incredible deal!

For only $9.99 an year, yes I said a year! You get 100 Gb of space and the ability to host 5 domains on it.

My mind is still reeling. This is a full service, multiple server site based in the UK. 100 Gb is enough space to hold 25 feature length movies, or 50,000 high quality pictures. More than I will ever store.

Mostly I have been quite happy with the hosting that I currently use, and the features of hosting sites. I am now considering adding some more websites and this is the option I will be persueing.

At $9.99 a year it becomes an insignificant cost in your business.

If you are interested in setting up your website with the cheapest full service hosting solution that I have found Click Here and it will take you to Mango for more information.

I am always happy when I pass along a deal.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Confessions of an Online Marketer Ebook

Internet marketer Glen Hopkins has finshed a book Confessions of an Online Marketer which is selling on amazon for $19.95. Glen has also made the book available in ebook format.

I have been going through the ebook today and it is quite extensive. He clearly outlines 7 principles for creating sustainable wealth from the internet. There are a number of advanced techniques as well. The good news is the ebook can be had for Free. I always like free. Any quality information at no cost is always a great help.

Click on this link
Confessions of an Online Marketer
and read over the sales page. Near the bottom is a code box. In this box type in the code
and you will be taken to the download page.

Now I should tell you that there is an upsell with the free download but examine it carefully you may want it, but you do have the option to continue on to the free download at the bottom of the page.

This ebook is very helpful and is packed with information and at 159 pages you are getting lots of quality information at a price that you can't beat.

Once again click on
Confessions of an Online Marketer
to view the information about Confessions of an Online Marketer by Glen Hopkins
and remember to use the code free.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Google Changes Keyword Tool For The Better

Recently google changed how its keyword tool displays the search for keywords.

The have added to total number of searches in the past month, and the average number of searches. This is incredibly helpful!

As you probably know when choosing an advertising campaign the keywords are what makes or breaks your campaign. High cost keywords will dig deep into your pockets, but other cheaper ones if they have significant traffic will bring you money.

You can test the key word tool by Clicking Here

As a sample when I wrote this article I tested work at home and found that there were 1.2 million searches in June for this term. Wow! There is also huge competition for those keywords though. Looking down the list I see a few with less competition, worth trying, or I could pay the big bucks to coax a few clicks to my website and blog.

The keyword tool is free to use just go to the link above and save it in your favourites and return to it when ever you are doing keyword search. Doesn't have to be used for ppc. I think a great addition for google.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ebay Slaps Ebooks - Digital Downloads and What you Can Do About It

Digital Download Ebooks, Ebay Slap

The gist of this is Ebay has recently changed policy about selling digital ebooks from their site. Many of us sell ebooks through the Ebay site and although there are some grey areas in the sales, many of us sell bonified products.

I sell a niche ebook for a fixed price, and this return has been very good for me. The delivery sytem was very slick. The customer reads my sales page, likes my product, buys through PayPal and is automatically transfered to the download page. They then click on the link and download my book and 10 minutes later can be reading it. Simplicity and elegance.

Well ebay now demands that all digital downloads be sold through classified add system. Which you pay $9.95 for a month. I don't have a problem with the price provided I sell enough ebooks to cover the cost (should be able to in 30 days). The idea behind the classified ad system is the purchase is off site. I already have off site ebook sales so this is not a problem to set up and can be easily done through PayPal.

My main issue is every time I have tried to use the classified ad tab I have had problems with it. I will of course try again (sure to be proven wrong). In theory the classified ad system should work as well or better as you can get the sale and or capture the lead for future sales down the road.

The best reccomendation I have had so far is to sell the ebook as a cd (hard good, no classified ad) then email your customer and ask if they would like to recieve the book as a digital download while they wait for the backup copy to come in the mail. Once again Happy customer but more contact and work on my part.

As many have said with internet marketing never rely on one source of income as they will change the rules at some point.

I will be exploring othe auction sites that do still allow digital download as well.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Using Adwords to Make Money From Amazon

Use Amazon Affilitate and Adwords to make big bucks.
Just a quick post today I am suppose to be working on otherthings today.

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketers of all kinds of products. I have discovered a tool that will help you create Google Adwords compaign that directly links to an Amazon sales page.

This is important because you don't need a website to use this tool. By using Georg's software you almost instantly create an Adwords ad by targeting keywords in the ad page itself. This gives a high quality score and reduces your cost per click through Google. The customer is taken directly to Amazon's sales page for what they searched for but through your affiliate link.

If they buy you are credited with the referal percentage.

The ads are highly targeted so people that click on them are well into the buying mode.

Simple system and Georg's software and ebook make it even easier.

Take a look now at Amazon + Adwords = $ for the full details.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Library of information Uploaded!

I have just uploaded a Library of useful information to my website You can just click the link and find the Library link on the right hand side or if you wish to go directly from this post click Library .

The Library is a collection of ebooks from many different authors on many different topics. If you have burning questions about Addiction , Health, Cooking, Fitness, Marriage etc. etc. you will find answers here. Information is a wonderful thing. The Joy of the internet is there is so much information at your finger tips, of course there is a downside to this as we have to sort through more and more information every day.

The Library helps to sort this into meaningful categories, without being overwhelming. Find the information you need on many topics. Yes there is a section for Entrepreneurs as well. Tons of helpful information at your finger tips.

Check out my new Library while you have got the chance!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sales Letter ABC Review

There seems to be hundreds of ebooks and courses on copywriting available these days, which is hardly surprising considering that it's one of the most important elements of a website!

Without good copy it wouldn't matter how many visitors a site had - it needs to sell to those visitors.Yet it's also one of the most costly considerations for anyone setting up a site, and one of the most neglected...Usually due to either the overall high cost involved in hiring a professional copywriter, or to the confusion that reigns supreme when one attempts to learn the art of writing good copy from the many ebooks and courses one can buy.

So does SalesLetter ABC add to the confusion? - or is it a product worth consideration?
Here's my view on this product.At just 33 pages - it's probably one of the shorter products in the field of teaching copywriting. So initially I wondered if it did actually include everything you need to know to create a good sales letter.

It also includes a template which can be used as a guide to copy and paste your own content over. This does present an advantage for many who don't really know where to start, as it's a simple task to replace the headline with your own and the next section with your own etc. right down to the P.S.'s at the end.

In the report each section of the 10 Steps is detailed with a guide on what should be there.One of the things I do like about the descriptions is the fact that it each does explain in simple English exactly what should be written and why, yet without the usual 10 pages of detailed analysis that many seem to incorporate.

If anything one of the complaints I've always had with most copy courses - is that they are written by copywriters for copywriters. SalesLetterABC does seem to be written FOR the average marketer.It teaches the basics but without the required degree in psychology that many assume you have!

In the section "Further Tips & Recommendations" I found some common sense, and to a degree, obvious tips, but also some very useful comments that help a great deal for anyone who would otherwise struggle to get started and achieve any kind of structured input.

The first 10 sections of the ebook are also extremely useful for anyone starting out, and they cover some of the basics that the professionals take for granted - yet mean little if anything to the novice.What I liked about them was the simplicity of explanations....No in-depth 15 page analysis of the testing and tracking which then established the criteria for higher conversions based on the results of months of tests and which parts were changed for each trial..... Just the answers to the questions like which fonts to write in, what colours work best, etc.

That to me is the strength of the whole product... the simplicity.It tells of what you need to know, how to do the job, and what things to incorporate to get the best results. But without all the page after page of confusing statistics!

To cram in the 10 sections of the template plus another 12 sections of tips, advice and much needed information, into just 33 pages, shows that it's all meat and no fluff!

I believe anyone wanting to get started writing their own sales letters would do well to invest in this product and learn from it.I'm sure they would accomplish the task of completing a sales letter of their own with far more ease than if they had purchased many other products of considerably higher cost.

The simplicity of this ebook has helped me quickly revamp my sales pages and I am starting to see results so check it out at... SalesLetterABC
I highly recommend it.
David Robertson

Sunday, January 20, 2008

PayPal Buttons: How To Create Them

PayPal is a great payment processing company that I have used for years with good succes.

There has been a rash of How To Videos lately. I personally think this is a waste of bandwith for some thing as easy as creating a PayPal button, but I do realize that many people prefer to see things right infront of them.

Also having dialup limits the amount of videos I up load and can download.

So How do we create those little buttons for people to click on to actually buy your product.
  • Go To PayPal and sign up for a business account.
  • Sign in to your PayPal account
  • Click on Products & Services Tab
  • Click on Website Payments Standard
  • Find the Buy It Now button that suits your product. I will use "Buy It Now"
  • Click on Get Started
  • Type in the description of the product, the cost, ID number etc.
  • Choose the graphic syle of your button.
  • I incrypt my buttons
  • If you are selling a digitally delivered product (ebook, software, etc.) click on Other Options and you can send your buyers to a webpage of your choosing with the download information.
  • Click on Create Button Now, you may want to add shiping charges etc. as appropriate.
  • Code will be generated click on select all then left click and copy this code. Then paste it into the html of your web page. And you are done.

The above button is active and is a simple payment of $1.00 Do not pay the $1.00 it is merely and example and you will receive no product, but if you wish to click on it to see how PayPal works back out before you "Pay This Amount"

That is all there is to it. No Video Required!

Friday, January 18, 2008

An Amazingly Simple Way To Generate Free Leads.

Today, I'm going to share with you a free traffic generation system called
If you have heard about this service and you have not registered your free account, I suggest that you do it now at Leads Leap

LeadsLeap is an ingenious system that combines the power of contextual advertising and network lead generation.

In this system, you are allowed to post ads to 10 levels of network you have built.
Unlike traditional network lead generation methods, LeadsLeap only allows members to post their ads in the form of contextual ad.

This means your leads do not receive obtrusive ads from their uplines, which is a good thing because no one likes to receive junk ads.

Moreover, LeadsLeap sends very informative and useful newsletters to their members. I've saved some of the newsletters for future reference. I'm sure you will benefit from the newsletter too.
This is a free service. Register your account now at Leads Leap

This is structured so that you can generate pay per click ads without the pay part to all the people that subscribe under you. There are some rules with this but they are not hard to deal with. As people click on your ads you generate more traffic to your website or blog. Traffic is the key here.

There is also potential for income through an income sharing program. All at no cost. The ads are generated on an informative newsletter. Easy to digest. Check out Leads Leap.

For more information on Traffic and Pay Per Click see my website

Monday, January 14, 2008

Free PDF Document Creator

The pdf file format has become almost universal in its use for transferring documents form one computer to another. As long as you have the free adobe reader you can view and print the document.

This means you can create the document and virtually anyone no matter what type of computer or what operating system can view your document. Universal appeal and universal access.

The catch has been that to create a pdf you needed expensive Adobe product. Some programs were developed but they were not as good as the Adobe product.

As an internet marketer I write ebooks that I want people to have access to. Within the ebook itself I want active links to resources that people can buy (affiliate products). These links will have my affiliate id located in it so that I get credit for the sale.

Some of the free programs I tried would only create links with the full url visible. This is cumbersome and doesn't clearly indicate where the link takes the reader. If instead it is a hyper link such as Holly Mann's Honest Riches then the reader knows that the link takes them to Holly's book Honest Riches.

So I searched for a program that would allow me link as above and then convert it to pdf document keeping the above format. What I found was Open Office. see Open office is an open source program that has many features. Data base, text editor, html editor etc. It takes a bit to get use to but is now my favorite text editing program. It will save and read documents created in Microsoft word as well as many others.

Open office allows you to create your document then export it to a pdf file that you then can post to the web. It is a hefty download but as I said it is free and works wonderfully well for me. You can find other programs that sell for about $70.00 that seem to do the same job.

if you are searching for a free pdf creator then try open office.

For more tips and information on creating your own books and internet marketing see my website

Sunday, January 13, 2008

15 Minutes a Day To Blog Traffic Review

15 Minutes a Day to an Avalanche of Blog Traffic by Mike Paetzold
Mike Paetzold has created an audio interview with a friend of his, that discusses his techniques to increase his blog traffic. I bought the transcript for $17.00. Be aware that part of his marketing scheme is that the price will go up to $47.00 at some unknown time.

For the $17.00 I was happy with the information that I found in the 33 page document. I am just begining with blogging and am learning how to use it effectively. His suggestions on how to get back links to your blog was very enlightening. We all are trying to get more blog traffic. It does come back to the numbers. More people see your blog the more who will buy your products. The more links you have out there the more people will see you. The more back links you have the better ranking in the search engine you have.

He suggests that spending 15 minutes a day is all that is required to boost your links over the long term. By no means is this a get links quick process. His time frame is 3 to 6 months. He is strong proponent for the idea of doing the work long term with no blackhat techniques. I agree with this as there is so much poor quality content out there. I personally hate weeding through a ton of irrevalent information to get the little item I was looking for.

Some of his techniques I have been using for boosting traffic to my websites and they have worked well over the about 4 months now. I will be applying these to my blog as well. He provides access to a couple of bonuses as well. So for me the whole package was worth the $17.00. If I had paid $47.00 I would have been disappointed.

If you are blogging as a way to boost your income in what ever niche you are in this report will boost your traffic if you follow his step by step guidlines. This is not a hard commitment to spend 15 minutes a day, and it is not doing the same chores over and over again. There is some variation. Check it out at 15 Minutes for Avalanche of Blog Traffic.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The New Age Work at Home Plan Review

The New Age Work At Home Plan by Jim Daniels is a report (41 pages) is a completely free report. free is always good! Jim is a renowned internet marketer and makes several 100,000's of dollars a year. He also teaches his subscribers his techniques for creating online income.

The report clearly maps out the 10 steps in creating a successful online business. There is enough detail that you could start a business based on this report, but it would be very difficult. It doesn't go into nitty gritty nuts and bolts how to, but it does provide links for additional information. If I was starting out this information would be worth the time downloading the report. It does put you on the right track.

He stresses that you should be thinking about creating your own product in your own niche. Use affiliate products to start but work on building your own product for more freedom and higher income.

If you treat this, again I stress FREE report as part of your required information to building a better business you can't go wrong with it.

I draw your attention to the marketing of this report. First it is only free if you click the "Golden Key" at the bottom of the report. That is the free link. It is a clever technique in marketing. The discovered or hidden treasure.

Since this is a Free report and it has good solid information I recommend that you do go to the website and get your Free copy of The New Age Work at Home Plan. It is a good working plan to make and keep the income from the internet.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

SBI Site Build It Review

What is SBI or Site Build It?
SBI or Site Build It is a yearly subscription to a website hosting company with a twist. This company also provides software that creates your website. So templates are created and you ad pages of content that you write.

SBI does all the html coding for you. This is the nasty part of internet marketing. The nuts and bolts of website construction is the tedious part. The fun part is creating new content with text and photos.

SBI also helps you optimize your website for search engines. The whole reason for this is to drive free traffic to your website. SBI then helps you choose profitable affiliate programs that suit your website.

It will also guide you through the steps to put Google Adsense on your website. The basic concept is to create a website that has quality content on it about a topic that interests you. Add ways of monetizing it (collecting money on referrals and purchases). Collect a mailing list of subscribers names and email addresses.

In short this subscription service does all the background work for you. What do you have to do? Well essentially write about your theme. The more content that you generate the more traffic that heads to your site.

It is the same fundamentals for any internet marketers. The main bonus is that it is all rolled into one neat package.

What is the investment?
Well it is an investment and I stress this word, of $299.00. I have easily purchased products that have totaled over this price and still do not have the convenience nor all the tools that Site Build It offers. Plus I still have my hosting accounts to pay for on top.

This is by no means a get rich quick scheme (which I hate) but it is a legitimate, bonafide online business. What other business can you start for $300.00? Of course the case studies presented are the cream of the crop, but the numbers provided are realistic presented over an equally real time frame. Essentially after a few months work real income in the neighborhood of $1000.00 a month.

What is the downside to Site Build It?
Well to keep your site online you will have the recurring $299.00 fee. That is the only downside since you are working with affiliate marketing and Google adsense for revenue you have no products to package and ship and no customer inquiries. Just simple click throughs to generate your income.

Lets divide the $299.00 by 12 and we get about $25.00 a month which is less than many hosting packages alone. Not really a lot to spend with all the added features in the Site Build It Package.

Like anything I strongly recommend you do your research before buying. They following link gives you more details on SBI. It is important to read all the connecting pages as well since they do provide added information.

Learn how SBI! can turn you into a high-earning affiliate champion.