Wednesday, January 2, 2008

SBI Site Build It Review

What is SBI or Site Build It?
SBI or Site Build It is a yearly subscription to a website hosting company with a twist. This company also provides software that creates your website. So templates are created and you ad pages of content that you write.

SBI does all the html coding for you. This is the nasty part of internet marketing. The nuts and bolts of website construction is the tedious part. The fun part is creating new content with text and photos.

SBI also helps you optimize your website for search engines. The whole reason for this is to drive free traffic to your website. SBI then helps you choose profitable affiliate programs that suit your website.

It will also guide you through the steps to put Google Adsense on your website. The basic concept is to create a website that has quality content on it about a topic that interests you. Add ways of monetizing it (collecting money on referrals and purchases). Collect a mailing list of subscribers names and email addresses.

In short this subscription service does all the background work for you. What do you have to do? Well essentially write about your theme. The more content that you generate the more traffic that heads to your site.

It is the same fundamentals for any internet marketers. The main bonus is that it is all rolled into one neat package.

What is the investment?
Well it is an investment and I stress this word, of $299.00. I have easily purchased products that have totaled over this price and still do not have the convenience nor all the tools that Site Build It offers. Plus I still have my hosting accounts to pay for on top.

This is by no means a get rich quick scheme (which I hate) but it is a legitimate, bonafide online business. What other business can you start for $300.00? Of course the case studies presented are the cream of the crop, but the numbers provided are realistic presented over an equally real time frame. Essentially after a few months work real income in the neighborhood of $1000.00 a month.

What is the downside to Site Build It?
Well to keep your site online you will have the recurring $299.00 fee. That is the only downside since you are working with affiliate marketing and Google adsense for revenue you have no products to package and ship and no customer inquiries. Just simple click throughs to generate your income.

Lets divide the $299.00 by 12 and we get about $25.00 a month which is less than many hosting packages alone. Not really a lot to spend with all the added features in the Site Build It Package.

Like anything I strongly recommend you do your research before buying. They following link gives you more details on SBI. It is important to read all the connecting pages as well since they do provide added information.

Learn how SBI! can turn you into a high-earning affiliate champion.

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