Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Get More Buyers on Your List

Do You Want to Get More Buyers On Your List?

We keep hearing the money is in the List. And it is true that if you can contact people regularily with offers and information you will develop a relationship with them. This relationship is what converts prospects into buyers.

I have been building my various lists for just over a year now. This has been a great success. But Today I find a Course on List Building by Micheal Rasmussen that details the process and provides much more information than I was going on.

I have been just building a generic list related by topic. These people were both buyers and interested prospects. Both people would get the same emails and the same broadcasts of new products and interesting information.

Michael suggests that we should sub divide our lists so that buyers go onto a separate list. This list tends to be much more responsive to buying than our generic list. You can also create a stronger bond with this list of buyers by offering them the occaisional free report that the regular list doesn't get or has to pay a small sum for. This creates a better relationship.

Michael is offering the course for $77.00 for a limited time (Nov 4) so check it out now while the price is low. Just Click on Course on List Building to get more information about it.

On a different note I stumbled across a site in the make money online niche that has some very good information. You have to poke around a bit and read some of the older posts but there are solid tips there. Just click on Easy Ways To Make Money to be taken to the site.

I know I will be searching around this site for a while. This is all a learning process and the more information you have the better. Check out his post about Craig's list.

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