Monday, March 24, 2008

Using Adwords to Make Money From Amazon

Use Amazon Affilitate and Adwords to make big bucks.
Just a quick post today I am suppose to be working on otherthings today.

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketers of all kinds of products. I have discovered a tool that will help you create Google Adwords compaign that directly links to an Amazon sales page.

This is important because you don't need a website to use this tool. By using Georg's software you almost instantly create an Adwords ad by targeting keywords in the ad page itself. This gives a high quality score and reduces your cost per click through Google. The customer is taken directly to Amazon's sales page for what they searched for but through your affiliate link.

If they buy you are credited with the referal percentage.

The ads are highly targeted so people that click on them are well into the buying mode.

Simple system and Georg's software and ebook make it even easier.

Take a look now at Amazon + Adwords = $ for the full details.

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