Thursday, July 17, 2008

Google Changes Keyword Tool For The Better

Recently google changed how its keyword tool displays the search for keywords.

The have added to total number of searches in the past month, and the average number of searches. This is incredibly helpful!

As you probably know when choosing an advertising campaign the keywords are what makes or breaks your campaign. High cost keywords will dig deep into your pockets, but other cheaper ones if they have significant traffic will bring you money.

You can test the key word tool by Clicking Here

As a sample when I wrote this article I tested work at home and found that there were 1.2 million searches in June for this term. Wow! There is also huge competition for those keywords though. Looking down the list I see a few with less competition, worth trying, or I could pay the big bucks to coax a few clicks to my website and blog.

The keyword tool is free to use just go to the link above and save it in your favourites and return to it when ever you are doing keyword search. Doesn't have to be used for ppc. I think a great addition for google.

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