Saturday, August 9, 2008

Update On Honest Riches by Holly Mann

Holly Mann is Releasing 2008 Version of Honest Riches

This is just a very quick heads up! I have been using and refering to Holly Mann's 2007 Honest Riches Guide for over a year now. It has really helped me get my internet marketing busines off the ground.

I have been very impressed with the content and the quality of the writing. I have found it extremely helpful. It currently costs $37.00 and is 95 pages long.

Holly provides free updates to the ebook to previous purchasers. So now the important part of the post. Holly is releasing her 2008 version and there is going to be a price increase. She has also increased the content to 277 pages! This is almost 3 times the original book.

It really is super simple. Get Holly's ebook now for $37.00 then get the updated version free when she releases it around the middle of August, and save. Click on Honest Riches and you will be taken to Holly's information. You will only regret this if you have to pay twice as much for her new ebook.

David Robertson

PS The original 2007 ebook has been the best ebook purchase I have made in getting value for my money!


Anna said...

Hello there - I saw this post about Holly's E-Book. We must have read the same pre-launch review!

Blacksmith?! That is cool. I am a poet. And photographer.

I guess anyone can go into Internet Marketing. Jack Humphry was a bear-tracker! (Or he tracked something ...)

You make a significant portion of your income online? That's great! How long have you been in Internet Marketing?

David Robertson said...

Hi Anna
Yes I believe anyone with the time and persistence can make money from the internet. It is a huge resource. Tapping into it is tricky sometimes but certainly possible with very little investment.

I have been "Marketing" on the internet since about 2000, but in my blacksmithing focus. Broader range of affiliate products and the like for about a year and a half. Very steep learning curve.

Alot of the information has to be stored away until ready to work with it.

Thanks for the comment, keep working with the poetry.

Where are you at with your internet marketing?
Cheers David