Monday, December 8, 2008

Online Income Using Squidoo

Online Income and Squidoo, The Basics

For a while now I have heard of Squidoo and some people have used it to make a decent income online. I really don't like jumping on the next band wagon that comes along. I mistakenly thought it was something like Facebook. Until recently I completely avoided even checking it out. I considered it another thing to waste my time on.

Well I was reading something ( I can't even remember what now) and Squidoo was mentioned again. I had some time on my hands and I thought lets take a look. If you are familiar with Squidoo you may want to skip this post all together, but it is new for me.

Squidoo is actually much like Blogger in that it is Free and it is easy to use. Squidoo is more versatile than Blogger with more modules that you can add. Also Squidoo is already set up for you to make money. Seth was briliant in setting this up.

He created a site that instantly monetizes your page . He collects half of the money that you make from his installations (Adsense etc.) and pays you half. You don't have to set up any accounts except PayPal. Traffic comes and you get paid. Now obviously like any website what you get paid is dependant on your traffic and your searches and your number of pages.

You do have the benefit of all the pages are interconnected on Squidoo by the search function, and you can favorite a Lens (the name of your individual page) to increase the interconnection. You can also link from your Squidoo lens to your main webpage, or even straight to an affiliate product. Ahh the lights start to go on! This is a bonified way of having a web presence with NO Cost. You are incouraged to write about what ever intersts you.

The more the pages the better. The first one I built (only took a few minutes) is Artistic Blacksmithing Tips. This is a first attempt essentially to learn the process (Easy). It really did only take a couple of minutes once I figured out what had to go where. Blacksmithing may not be your thing but just click the link to see the page. It is bare bones as of writing this, but as I said it was fast to set up. I will be adding to this page and creating others in the near future.

If you are struggling with code and setting up a website and costs are mounting up check out and see what it can offer you. in some ways this is better than Blogger and it is not Blogger which means you can link back to your blogger sites. More lights should be going on!!!

I will be adding more lenses as I get time. Yes on Blacksmithing but also on Online Income. I will keep you posted about these.

As you know I tour around a lot of make money online sites. I am still in a learning phase (probably for the rest of my life). There are a bazillion of us on the web now. Most are new to the process or have a little more than their feet wet. I found Jerry Lindenburger's site Cash Blog . It is interesting and he has some good links to other sites. If you get a chance check it out and read some of the older posts.

I think we are begining to realize that for 4th or 5th teir marketors as myself that the money is not in the Make Money Online niche. For us the money is in specific niche products such as brand Zebra Fish Food. Very specific and targeted.

When you think about it this actually makes it easier for us. We now only have to create a page (think Squidoo here) to sell oranges to people who want to buy oranges. We shouldn't even be trying to convince the apple buyers to buy oranges. Make another page for apple buyers.

The old saying rinse and repeat.

My musings for today.

David Robertson
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The Easy Button Cash said...

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Trevor Gallant said...

I started my blog using Wordpress and I'm really happy with it. How do people feel Squiddo is superior?