Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Confessions of an Online Marketer Ebook

Internet marketer Glen Hopkins has finshed a book Confessions of an Online Marketer which is selling on amazon for $19.95. Glen has also made the book available in ebook format.

I have been going through the ebook today and it is quite extensive. He clearly outlines 7 principles for creating sustainable wealth from the internet. There are a number of advanced techniques as well. The good news is the ebook can be had for Free. I always like free. Any quality information at no cost is always a great help.

Click on this link
Confessions of an Online Marketer
and read over the sales page. Near the bottom is a code box. In this box type in the code
and you will be taken to the download page.

Now I should tell you that there is an upsell with the free download but examine it carefully you may want it, but you do have the option to continue on to the free download at the bottom of the page.

This ebook is very helpful and is packed with information and at 159 pages you are getting lots of quality information at a price that you can't beat.

Once again click on
Confessions of an Online Marketer
to view the information about Confessions of an Online Marketer by Glen Hopkins
and remember to use the code free.

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