Monday, January 14, 2008

Free PDF Document Creator

The pdf file format has become almost universal in its use for transferring documents form one computer to another. As long as you have the free adobe reader you can view and print the document.

This means you can create the document and virtually anyone no matter what type of computer or what operating system can view your document. Universal appeal and universal access.

The catch has been that to create a pdf you needed expensive Adobe product. Some programs were developed but they were not as good as the Adobe product.

As an internet marketer I write ebooks that I want people to have access to. Within the ebook itself I want active links to resources that people can buy (affiliate products). These links will have my affiliate id located in it so that I get credit for the sale.

Some of the free programs I tried would only create links with the full url visible. This is cumbersome and doesn't clearly indicate where the link takes the reader. If instead it is a hyper link such as Holly Mann's Honest Riches then the reader knows that the link takes them to Holly's book Honest Riches.

So I searched for a program that would allow me link as above and then convert it to pdf document keeping the above format. What I found was Open Office. see Open office is an open source program that has many features. Data base, text editor, html editor etc. It takes a bit to get use to but is now my favorite text editing program. It will save and read documents created in Microsoft word as well as many others.

Open office allows you to create your document then export it to a pdf file that you then can post to the web. It is a hefty download but as I said it is free and works wonderfully well for me. You can find other programs that sell for about $70.00 that seem to do the same job.

if you are searching for a free pdf creator then try open office.

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