Thursday, December 11, 2008

Online Income and Indexing of Your Site

Indexing of Your Website is Critical for Online Income

A few months ago I started two blogger blogs. Women's North Face Clothing and Welding Supplies. The purpose of these two sites is to provide good infomation on each of the topics and have a series of affiliate links to allow potential customers to buy.

I placed reasonable content on both but started promoting North Face Clothing more than the Welding Supplies. I linked to the welding supplies from one of my main sites and a few articles. The Welding site has still not been indexed. The Women's North Face site was indexed in two days????

In the begining I used craigslist and backpages to advertise North Face but not the Welding site. I also linked from this blog to The North Face site. I can only assume that the link from this blog was picked up by Google and indexed the site.

The other possibility is that no follow links do get followed for indexing purposes but not for link juice purposes. Wouldn't that throw wrench in some things.

So where does this leave online income and indexing. If you are trying to index a page you must have some prominent links to that page. It could be a link on the main page of one of your websites. I have heard, and I have nothing to back this up, that the links on your Home page carry more weight for indexing than the ones deeper in your website.

So links in several sub folders may take months to get spidered as they become low priority. This leads to another question or problem. If you have good links deep in your website and you have a good number of backlinks pointing to that deep page those links will get spidered and indexed more readily.

In short the more links in the more likely a page will get completely indexed.

Once your page is indexed you can start to depend on search traffic not just traffic coming from your links. Another thought and consider it paranoia on my part. Lets suppose you set up a page to sell a product. Then you start an adwords campaign. Google is all connected. Wouldn't you use the link provided in the adwords campaign as a spider entrance? I would. Especially if I was in the business of collecting as much information possible. Spyder food for though.

David Robertson

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