Sunday, January 13, 2008

15 Minutes a Day To Blog Traffic Review

15 Minutes a Day to an Avalanche of Blog Traffic by Mike Paetzold
Mike Paetzold has created an audio interview with a friend of his, that discusses his techniques to increase his blog traffic. I bought the transcript for $17.00. Be aware that part of his marketing scheme is that the price will go up to $47.00 at some unknown time.

For the $17.00 I was happy with the information that I found in the 33 page document. I am just begining with blogging and am learning how to use it effectively. His suggestions on how to get back links to your blog was very enlightening. We all are trying to get more blog traffic. It does come back to the numbers. More people see your blog the more who will buy your products. The more links you have out there the more people will see you. The more back links you have the better ranking in the search engine you have.

He suggests that spending 15 minutes a day is all that is required to boost your links over the long term. By no means is this a get links quick process. His time frame is 3 to 6 months. He is strong proponent for the idea of doing the work long term with no blackhat techniques. I agree with this as there is so much poor quality content out there. I personally hate weeding through a ton of irrevalent information to get the little item I was looking for.

Some of his techniques I have been using for boosting traffic to my websites and they have worked well over the about 4 months now. I will be applying these to my blog as well. He provides access to a couple of bonuses as well. So for me the whole package was worth the $17.00. If I had paid $47.00 I would have been disappointed.

If you are blogging as a way to boost your income in what ever niche you are in this report will boost your traffic if you follow his step by step guidlines. This is not a hard commitment to spend 15 minutes a day, and it is not doing the same chores over and over again. There is some variation. Check it out at 15 Minutes for Avalanche of Blog Traffic.

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