Thursday, August 21, 2008

Affiliate Script and Auction Acrobat

I have just two remarkable tools that will help you in your internet marketing business.

The first is the affiliate script. If you have products that you sell such as DVD's and Cds or other hard products that can't easily be processed through Clickbank and you want to be able to sell through affiliates This script is exactly what you need.

Many people online have paypal accounts and this script generates unique code to place on their website. When they make a sale they are automatically given a comission through paypal.

This easy to use code allows us to effectively harness the power of our own affiliates. Traffic is always an issue. If we have a 100 people as affiliates driving traffic to us this is a huge boost in our traffic.

Just click on the Affiliate Script to get your copy and you can start your affiliate empire today. Well seriously if you have a bunch of people selling for you you can't help but make more money!

The second product will have you turning cartwheels. In a previous post I mentioned that ebay has caused problems for ebook marketers by only allowing people to sell them through classified ads. This is ok and you can still sell a cd version as a work around but you lose the convenience of instant delivery and the hand off processing.

Well a couple of fellows have created the perfect answer Auction Acrobat. This program sets up ebay for sales of cds or dvds, but it is completly automated. So you set up your sales page, people buy the product you are selling, the order gets transfered to Kunaki that makes your cd and labels it and ships it out for you!!!!! Once again it is hands off.

You can sell multiple products, anything that can be put on cd or dvd can be processed without you handling the item. As you can tell I am really excited about this. ( I must confess I am a little challenged at gettig the label to stick straight on the cd. I usually make a mess of it.)

This is an incredible brake through for ebay marketing. Take a minute and get more information by clicking on Auction Acrobat. This opens so many possibilities my head is just swimming.

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