Friday, December 28, 2007

Print On Demand Book Creation

Do you want to Create a real book?

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas. Mine was spent with family and friends which for me is the best way.

One of my friends uses the Internet in a different way to make her income. Lorina Stephens has been a writer and artist for many years. She has published several "hard" books through mainstream publishers. From conversations with her she has had numerous road blocks and hassles with publishing community.

She decided to take a different route with her last book "Recipes of a Dumb House Wife". The title is tongue in cheek as she is a brilliant lady and she goes on to explain the title in the book. I have the book and have enjoyed many wonderful recipes.

But what is the difference? This is published through a print on demand printer. This is a small publishing/printing house that will print very small runs of books once they have all your information. This means that you can create a specialised publication at very little cost and have it printed in a book format. With small additional costs the company will provide it to the larger book stores.

For costs we are talking in the neighborhood of a couple hundred dollars investment for a far greater return.

So Lorina is providing a hard product, that is advertised on her website as well as through her publisher/printer. She did the original work of creating the recipes and writing the book. She also packages and ships from her office, but all the print work is done by her print on demand company. It is a great system. She will soon be releasing a new book too!

Graciously Lorina agreed to write an article for my website. You can read in her own words what she discovered about Print on Demand Revolution.


Stephens said...

Thanks for the mention, David!
Much has happened since last I wrote the article for your blog. I've released my first book of fiction, set in 1830s Upper Canada, entitled Shadow Song.
I've also done a great deal more research and will be moving all future printing to Lightning Source (LSI), which will allow me to reduce printing cost, print in full colour (which will greatly enhance future cookbooks), retain global distribution, create my own imprint, and use Canadian ISBNs.
Lightning Source, by the way, is the POD Lulu uses, and is owned by Ingram, one of the world's largest distribution houses. In fact, LSI is now used by many of the small to large conventional publishing houses, allowing these publishers to reduce inventory and increase profitability.
For more information about that, the revolutionary new Espresso Printing Press (which will change the face of the publishing industry in the way of the Gutenberg Press, and more, you can visit my website at
Cheers! And all the best in the New Year!

David Robertson said...

Great to hear that you have created another book! Reducing your printing costs and maintaining your global distribution is a great advancement. It sounds like LSI is worth checking out for anyone interested in Print On Demand.
Best wishes for the New Year!