Thursday, December 20, 2007

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic Everywhere!

More Information on Getting Free Traffic.

It has been said that traffic is the life blood of your website. This is true. If people don't see your website you have no way of letting them know about all your excellent information and products.

The best traffic is not always free but it is a great place to start. So how do you get your website known and start getting free traffic?

Article Marketing.

One of the best ways to get free traffic is to write articles and post them to article directories. This does several things.

First it allows you to show case your knowledge and talent on sites that already have high traffic. This puts you in front of many more people quickly. Publishers are consistently looking for GOOD content to place on their websites and in their newsletters.

If you look through many of the article directories you will find only a handful of well written informative articles. These are the type you should concentrate on writing as this will give you the most chance of getting picked up. The rest are simply return links to your site.

The return links are important as this will boost your sites popularity in the search engines. Note return links should only be placed in the signature of the article. The Meat of the article should have few or no links in it. This is not a sales pitch but useful information.

The more article directories you submit to (if they take your article) the more links back to your target page you get. Now if I was creating search engine algorithms I would rate these links as lower value that a link from a non-article directory, so you would need to make up with volume.

Once a website picks up your article then all their visitors can read it as well and click through to your website for more information. Once they get to your website then you can sell them or get them to sign up for your newsletter etc.

Many many people could see your information once you submit it to an article directory. Remember to always follow the guidelines or terms of service on each article directory.

You should research and write one article a week and place it on as many directories as you can. Some will take it others will not. Obviously if you are writing in a popular content area the directories are looking for new or informative information.

Less popular or more niche targeted areas stand a better chance to be picked up. Spend time researching your material. It is helpful if you are already an expert on a subject and can write off the top of your head. You may not always be able to do this so spend time researching.

If you create 1 article a week for a year on the same theme, after a year you will have 52 chapters to that ebook you always wanted to write and sell. Just package them together clean them up, make it flow and you have your book.

Your article should be 500 to 1000 words and I suggest creating it with no html except in the signature. Many of the sites I have submitted to with html in the write up I have had to go back in and clean every thing up again. Waste of time.

Spelling and Grammar are important check thoroughly. Remember this will be the first introduction to you and your website that many people will get. Make a good first impression.

I started learning about article writing almost a year ago. I bought an ebook called Turn Words Into Traffic by Jim Edwards, it worked and I started generating more traffic to my websites. Simple, easy to do. It does require a certain amount of discipline to sit down and write and sometimes you will have blocks but in all it is an excellent way of directing traffic to your website.

For article directories just Google "article directory" and start writing and you will start generating traffic.

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