Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Philosophy On Internet Marketing

Are you tired of always being "Sold" something?

Yes it is true you can make money on the Internet. You can barrage people with constant advertising using a shot gun approach hopefully catching someone.

Think of how frustrated you have been trying to find a little bit of information and having to sort through many pages of sales letters just to find the little piece of truth. The more information that all of us put up on the web the more the search engines have to sort through this.

The search engines are getting very good at this and are constantly evolving. When you set up your web pages always try to give some information of value. So many web sales pages I have seen just repeat over and over how good the particular product is. Yes it is important concentrate on the benefits of the products, but think of offering the person a snippet of the actual information in the ebook or product in the sales page.

Yes you are giving information away for free, but you are making your sales page worth more to a person. If you are selling something you believe in you should be able to provide a little insight into how good it actually is.

Provide the best quality information, and products that you can. Avoid things that dilute the quality of the Internet. New information, and solid information are very important. Many people are looking for the basics in what ever Field they are searching. The basics are often "tried and true" methods or foundations. Provide these first then move to more advanced information.

Google has implemented a quality score for AdWords. I expect web pages will soon be assigned quality score (this is the simplest forms) dependant on the actual information provided on the page. This will mean that simple sales pages will not rank well. The old saying "Content is King" the new saying will be "Quality Content is King".

Your website will evolve as you learn and educate yourself. Keep working at making it better and better and more people will respect you and your information and will want to buy from you.

My philosophy on Internet Marketing in a nut shell!

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