Monday, December 10, 2007

Where To Start In Internet Marketing

I started my Internet marketing website about 7 months ago. This has lead me on a bit of a roller coaster ride to find information. As you know there is an absolute ton of information on the net for Internet marketing for newbies.

Everyone and his uncle have jumped on this band wagon. There are people promising you fortunes if you buy their product. Remember the prospectors of the Klondike. The people who got rich were the ones selling the picks and the shovels, not necessarily the ones digging in the dirt.

The Internet is the modern gold rush. There is money to be made online. (I am starting to make a bit myself). You will have to buy a few tools (the information to get started) but much can be learned for free or very economically.

This blog and related website are full of tips to help you navigate through the mountains of information that you will find.

Please don't jump on this as a get rich quick scheme. It is not! Does it pay? Yes it can. Do I have all the answers? No definitely not. I am just learning but at least can pass on a few tips.

There are many people like myself that are willing to help where they can. The truth is that the online world of marketing is big enough for everyone who is willing to work at it.

In the next post I will get into more of the nuts and bolts of Internet Marketing in what I have discovered so far!

David Robertson

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