Thursday, May 7, 2009

List Building Strategy

Building a List For Marketing May be Your Best Use of Time

So the money is in the list. I am sure you have heard this over and over again. What is the this list that everyone is talking about? I short it is a list of people and their email address that want more information from you.

This can be on any topic. These people have given you permission to send them information about a specific topic. This means that you can send them repeat sales information about products that you sell or make a commission on.

Very powerful. But how do you create a list that you can work with?

First please please don't use a free autoresponder. I started this way and was pulling my hair out. anyone I have talked to that has used a free autoresponder has had the same problems I had it is not worth it. Spend a few bucks and use a commercial one. The one I use is Getresponse and I have been incredibly pleased. Just click on Getresponse to learn more about their service. It really is not expensive when you consider how much you can make with it.

I have just finished reading a short ebook on building your list and tactics to use to get people to sign up. It was written by James Penn who eventhough is quite young he is doing extremely well at building his list. His ebook (click on Accelerated List Building for more information) is incredibly low priced for the information that he delivers.

But better yet he gives several bonuses that are even more packed with information. My mind is just running overtime with the possibilities.

I have used a list since 2007 and it has been responsible for a significant portion of my income. I have made friends with a number of people and it allows me to easily stay in contact with people of similar interests.

If you are exploring internet marketing list building should be a priority of yours. James makes some very good points and details exactly what he does to grow an impressive list. Worth a read and the price can be beat.



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