Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Week Marketing Review I Bought It, Should You?

One Week Marketing Review

One Week Marketing has many "reviews" on the net right now. Most from affiliates who have jumped on the band wagon to promote yet another income online stream. I am sure you have read glowing reports of how it is working for people.

It is a relatively new product by potpiegirl or Jennifer Ledbetter. The premise is that in one week she can teach you how to set up a system that will start to make you money on the internet.

The ebook itself is 65 pages long but she includes 139 pages of emails between her and her protege . This is very helpful as he has lots of common questions that she answers directly. There are things included in the conversations that are not included in the ebook. If you buy the package read both these documents.

She also includes 3 other smaller documents that support her ebook. Mind Map and worksheet. These are helpful but not critical.

The bad news. One week marketing system, although simple to implement does require a working knowledge of some aspects of internet marketing. If you are truly a beginner there are links included in the ebook that will bring you up to speed. So you are not lost. Just be aware you will need to do a bit more reading.

The good news. One Week Marketing system is built around no cost websites. You actually don't have to pay anything to get the system going except for the ebook ($47.00). Does this system work. Yes It does. It will not bring you an avalanche of money quickly. If you follow it and are disciplined it is very likely that you will make a reasonable income by the end of one year.

You will have to work at One Week Marketing but by now you probably have figured out there are no get rich quick sytems. Nor should you be looking for one.

I am in the process of using this system now and I am starting to have results. I have had the ebook a little over a week now. Previously I was using components of this system on some of my campaigns but didn't have a unified marketing web that potpiegirl describes how to set up. Now with the guidance of her ebook my campaigns are becoming a bit tighter and more organized.

So Do I recommend One Week Marketing? Yes I do. Will you have to work consistently at it for it to work yes. Will it work? Everything I see with my own stats indicates that it is working. Will I get rich over night? No!

Potpiegirl also gives you the first 18 pages to review. One Week Marketing is a good system if you have no money to put into your online business.

For more information about One Week Marketing and to get the first 18 pages free click on One Week Marketing.

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What a wonderful and complete review - thank you!

I'm glad OWM is helping you!