Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Create an Online Income With a Travel Site

Travel Websites Can be a Good Source of Online Income

There are so many income opportunites on the net. Just look around and find something that suits you. Travel sites are one of the best money makers although there can be stiff competition.

Think of niche travel locations or niche experiences. Create a website on your favorite travel destination or a place that you live. Fill it with good content and pictures. You could have some affiliate links for hotels as well. Three sites that come to mind are Philippines Travel and Ontario Travel and Florida Short Term Rentals.

Examine what these sites do to catch your interest and where do they lead you with their links.

If you generate enough traffic you will start to make sales. Get lots of backlinks from many places and things will start to roll. When I say many backlinks think in terms of a 100.

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