Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Update on My Experience in Wealthy Affiliate University Review

So I have been a member since last June, and I plan on renewing my membership this year. I agree at first glance it appears expensive, but I just sat through a webinare selling a $2000.00 product and wealthy affiliate gives me this value (in a different way) for a lot less.

The forum is extensive and most questions can be answered just by searching there.
Many people are eager to help and are quite supportive.
And yes there is everything you need to be successful on line contained in the members area.
There are excellent tools to get started and for advanced marketers.
Webinares on the basics with archives to sort through.
A series of courses to quickly boost your skills.

You still have to do the work but at least they tell you where and what work you have to do.

I would take some of their recommendations with a grain of salt. I personally believe that the weight loss industry is not a place to start newbies in marketing. There is a huge area of competition there. I personally don't like marketing to my friends and family. If they ask fine but if not I keep it separate.

There is a factor of information overload but if you keep on one path it will sort itself out. I do follow one week marketing by Potpiegirl and with Wealthy Affiliate it is all starting to make sense.

The bottom line.
Am I making money due to joining wealthy affiliate?

Do I think that a person with reasonable skills, a good chunk of time, and a few (I am Scottish so I do mean a few) $ dollars to invest, would be able to generate at least a supplemental income with only what is found in Wealthy Affiliate?

More details can be found at Wealthy Affiliate University


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