Thursday, December 3, 2009

One Week Marketing Up Date

One Week Marketing System

Just a quick update about the One Week Marketing system provided by Potpie Girl.

I admit I have many irons in the fire and haven't worked with the system as much as I should have over the past months. Other areas have been keeping busy.... But it is working for me. I mainly use it to funnel more traffic to my main sales sites.

Have I made sales directly related to the One Week Marketing system? Yes definetly. Have I done all that I can with OWM? No not even close. Barely even scratched the surface. I do plan on doing much more with it in the coming months as my time allows.

Of more importance is the relationship Potpie Girl develops with her readers. I am on a number of internet marketing lists and most send me useless sales letters and only a little bit of good information.

It is just the opposite with Potpie Girl. I never feel that I am being sold on something from her. I do feel that she is really working hard to help everyone of her customers. I know that she has had to hire on staff to help as well but it always feels like she is adding her personal touch and is genuine in helping us.

If you are on a few lists you know the difference from someone that is only looking to take the next dollar from you and some one who is trying to help you get to the next level of sales.

In short One Week Marketing system is working for me. I have made sales from it. I do need to put more work into it. You have heard "Rinse and Repeat"

Take a moment if you are not familiar with the system and click on One Week Marketing to get more information to help you.

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